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The history of beer is our history of humanity. Our mission is not just to invent your idea, or just innovate it. We provide the engineering to better beers, that is technical know-how to help brewery owners make smart driven decisions for their businesses. Furthermore, we have expertise in how to deliver high-quality brewing equipment with new designs in tank configurations and process innovations, with global expertise.

As the market grows In India, your beer must find an audience, and brewmaster believes in pioneering with new eccentric styles of beer authentic to the Indian palate. Your brewery must produce a unique creative beer to stand out from your competitors and then speak with a clear voice that helps customers understand what the experience of drinking your beer will be like in developing their craft beer experience.

Brewmaster draws very diverse backgrounds and skill sets that are held together by a shared passion for making the very best beer, the appropriate machinery and last but not least we will try to maintain a remarkable relationship that is valued, unique and transparent

Highly experienced industry experts delivering projects across the globe for the past 20 years

  • Brewmaster is a well-established consulting practice that has specialized in the brewing industry for over 18 years.
  • Our people are academically and professionally qualified in their areas of expertise
  • Brewmaster has completed projects throughout the world for both regional and craft breweries
  • On average our people have 20 years “hands-on” experience working in breweries of all sizes
  • Brew Master uses leading technologies for design and engineering including 3D modelling and simulation throw Computer-aided design(CAD)
  • Brew Master is committed to a teamwork approach built on trust and communication to deliver the quality, cost and time objectives of each project
  • Long-term positive relationships are our primary objective. We aim to grow the relationship through meeting commitments and solving project issues
  • We ensure that our work is clearly definitive and defensible to our clients. We are viewed as independent and objective, both internally and externally


We deliver projects and services better, leaner and faster than anyone else.


Meet our leadership group.


We deliver not only broad business-wide solutions but specific functional ones as well.

Best craft beer.
Brewing is our life, beer is our water so
don’t waste time drinking other things.

Email :Dan.wambua@gmail.com
Hyderabad , India.