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About Founder


I am an award-winning graduate brewer from ICBD Scotland and with over 20 years experience spread across the globe in the brewing industry both large regional and micro. I was the first South India brewmaster with The Bierce Club when getting the license in India was almost impossible. I have ever since commissioned breweries in Bangalore, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Mangalore and several other cities. I have brought Post Brewpubs to a national recognition in the history of craft beer in India and was able to brew great first ever made beers tailored to Indian Palate that any start-up or early development brewery can emulate to grow at a pace that equates to their own defined level of success.

I have been lucky to lead a career path that has led me through many exciting places in India and experience many unique moments of the Indian Culture. The craft industry is an extension of my interests and passions that have been built over many years of hard work. I am driven by a passion for quality while constantly looking for an opportunity to improve and I am unwavering in my integrity with a respect for all things being relative. I come well armed with great academic qualifications and experience from all over the world in the microbrewery world to assist you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist brewpubs and microbrewers to improve their skills and knowledge and by using new modern brewing practices, brew quality beers on a consistent basis. Brewmaster is here to spread the word about making even better beer associated with the Indian palate with original true first ever made beers to suit the Indian palate.

We will also source cost-effective, high-quality microbrewery equipment, including brewhouse, cellar tanks, lab requirements and fermenters, and ancillary equipment. We guarantee to get you the best option.

So catch the current wave of growth in the craft brewing industry and learn how you can be part of it. Live the dream and let us help you do your job better!



The Craft Brewing Industry is relatively new in India and is now well established and rapidly growing. It’s my vision to empower those in the craft brewing industry wanting to seek means of making better beer by adding value and saving costs.

We have over 20 years experience in the brewery industry. Product consistency and ways of improving quality and reducing production costs are a high priority. For micro-brewers setting up a new brewery or pub-brewery appropriate equipment can be sourced and installed.

Fees are competitive and value for money is offered. The investment in knowledge and little capital can result in long-term and continuing profits

After installation of your brewery, Brewmaster’s will

Manage all brewing operations and competently find solutions relating to any production constraints facing your

Create SOPs and/or maintain written facility policies, beer production standards and procedures that ensure quality products from raw materials to end product. Analyze all process costs and brewery losses to save time and money.

Prepare work schedules for all staff based on production needs and minimizing labour costs, including managing staff adherence to schedules and reporting on time principles

Maintain, production equipment by using proper operating, cleaning, and preventive maintenance procedures ensuring all safety hazards remain in place


All work is guaranteed for a period of 3 months


Establish, source, maintain, and continually evaluate vendors to ensure the highest quality and proper costs of all materials and supplies.

Establish and lead regular tasting panel for product evaluation and staff development

As a necessary assist in future planning for growth, which may include the design of the new facility or any required expansion projects.

Continually research industry developments and ensuring product quality remains truly world class with minimum defects.

Best craft beer.
Brewing is our life, beer is our water so
don’t waste time drinking other things.

Email :Dan.wambua@gmail.com
Hyderabad , India.